Which Side of the Tapestry are You Attracting – the Picture on the Front, or the Knots on the Back?

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Being (generally) sane, intelligent creatures, we’re almost insulted by this question. Who in their right mind would actually choose the “knot” side? Well, probably nobody would, consciously, that is….How many times have we said, “What a noisy restaurant and the waiter was rude” instead of choosing to reframe:

a) I’m mobile enough to travel in and out of here, in contrast to all the hospitalized, incarcerated & homebound people in the world. How fortunate I am!

b) Masses of humanity are happy with a little rice in a tin bowl. I certainly have a lot to be grateful for.

c) At least I don’t have to cook supper tonight!

How many times have we been  in a frustrating situation, ready to throw in the towel? The next time, try these reframes. At first it will feel artificial, but your new “mindset makeover” will grow on you….till it fits!

a) I’m so grateful I’m getting amazing lessons tailor-made for me.

b) What a great opportunity for character development!

c) I’m sure I’ll see the big picture soon.

We’re not “bad” to think the way we do, we’ve just been conditioned by the media & negative people in our lives to focus on everything thatdid or could go wrong! We would be great subjects for Pavlov’s experiments!

We spend our days wearing what I call “Gratitude Blinkers”. When we block out gratitude we do a lot more damage than we realize: We effectively knock out The Law of Attraction. We can either whine or win – we can’t do both.

Here’s one of my favorite  reframe stories:

A prestigious company made a huge mistake. They were in the midst of producing paper backed by a super strong glue that would adhere permanently to most surfaces. While testing the prototype they were horrified to discover that the paper detached with the flick of a finger.

What was their next step? They chose to “flick the reframe” switch. Though they probably didn’t feel gratitude (yet) they made room in theirhearts & minds to embrace the positive: They offered these “mistakes” to all the secretaries in their building to see if they can make use of them before trashing them. Surprise! The secretaries gushed that this was the best invention since sliced bread!

       The company? 3M   /   The product? Post-it Notes!

If you patiently explore the knots long enough, they often transform into a picture more beautiful than you ever imagined!