“A heavy stone was removed from my heart – I carried it for 22 years, but it was gone after working with Miriam.”

Janet S.    


“I was drowning in hopelessness and resentment. You brought me from darkness to light.”

Melanie P.  


“Miriam is creative, understanding, and helped me focus on healing instead of guilt during our time together. My co-workers asked me what vitamin I’m taking!”

Sarah H. 


“I count my blessings for how I was able to benefit from our sessions. I feel like a different person. You took the cow-webs off my brain!”

Norma C. 


“You were very intuitive in discovering what was behind my resistance. (a 10!) I can’t believe we accomplished so much. Thank you!”

Clara W. 


“I was in regular therapy for years…and always took the pain back home with me. With Miriam I released it!”

Jeannie L. 


“Your EFT/COACHING changed my life! The stressful relatives I always dreaded to be with are no longer challenging. Since working together, they became so easy to manage!”

Susie B. 
















Lifting the Pain of Traumatic Memories

Uplifting Women to Create the Future of their Dreams!

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